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Hopefully if you have any questions they can be answered below but if you'd prefer to chat on the phone please send me a message here with a time best to call and I can answer any other queries 

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 Can we choose the songs you sing? 

YES, I'm more than happy for my couples to create their own setlist from my repertoire. I'm also more than happy to help you do this with suggestions!


How much deposit do you require? 

I just need a 20% deposit of your final fee taken at the point of booking. Please note, your booking is not secure without a paid deposit, I cannot hold dates without this. 


I can't see our fave tune on your setlist, can you learn it? 

HELL YES! I absolutely LOVE learning new songs, if you book me for one of my day packages I learn songs as part of the package or you can choose a bolt on to add 3 learnt songs to the smaller packages


How far do you travel? 

I will travel anywhere! I travel 30 miles from my home for free and charge 45p per mile beyond this. If your venue is over 2.5 hours drive from my house I will need to stay over the night before nearby so this will be reflected in my quote for you. I'd hate to run into traffic the morning of your wedding and driving 5 hours+ in one day is tough! If you would like to book me for my all day packages I may also need to add a second hotel night into your quote depending on finish time.

If your wedding is abroad please contact me for details on travel and accommodation fees. 


What happens if I need to cancel once we've booked? 

If your date has been rearranged and I am free, I am happy to move your deposit and booking to this new date.

If this is not the case then your deposit is non refundable. If you cancel more than 30 days before the event and any of the remaining fee has been paid early, 50% of this will be paid back minus the deposit. If you cancel less than 30 days before the event and any of the remaining fee has been paid early none of this will be refundable. 


Can we pay you early? 

Remaining balances are due 7 days before with the invoice for this sent 1 month before. If you wish to pay before this or split your payments then I ask that this be no earlier than 6 months before your event. 


What happens if you cancel once we've booked?

If, in the unfortunate circumstance I am ill or unable to perform on your day, all deposits and remaining fees will be paid back in full and I will work with you to find a replacement at no higher cost than my original quote. 


What equipment do you bring?

I have 2 PA systems; a Bose L1 compact PA system with a Soundcraft Notepad 8FX mixing desk which requires a power source. I also have a smaller, portable and wireless Bose S1 PA system which is perfect for outdoor ceremonies or small drinks receptions.

I also use a SM58 microphone and play a 3/4 traveller size Martin acoustic guitar.

All my equipment is PAT tested and I send this information + my PLI insurance certificate to your venue 2 months before your wedding

I have an additional SM58 microphone which can be made wireless to be used for speeches


Do you need breaks between sets?

Yes, mainly for my fingers to rest from playing and a little for my voice. Depending on how many sets I am singing during your day will depend on the length and frequency of sets but I will always chat about this based on your day timings. Whenever I am on a break and I'm not moving my equipment I will play soft acoustic music so there are no awkward silences


Do we need to feed you?

This is not expected/ necessary but always very gratefully received especially if you have booked me for a day package and I am there for the majority of the day. I have no dietary requirements and I'm super unfussy so would be happy with a plate of gherkins and some cheese. 


How does Musical Bingo work?

Musical bingo can be added to your booking if you think it will work within the schedule of your day. Think bingo but instead of the numbers, you've got the songs on my setlist...

This can work 2 ways:

1. Passively - during the wedding breakfast whilst people are eating, everyone will have their cards at their table and they can tick off the songs as they hear me singing them, people can talk over the top and I will sing full songs. This will last about 1.5 hours

2. Dedicated - there will be a set time in the schedule for musical bingo, everyone is only doing that. It's quick fire and I only sing snippets of songs, this will last around 40-45 mins. Best done when people are sat so they have something to lean on so straight after the wedding breakfast usually works. 

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